Warner Bros

Social Media Campaign for Discovery Channel & TLC

  • Goal: Monetize Meta platforms, grow social media followings, and enhance engagement organically.
  • Strategy: Managed six accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, focusing on organic growth, content optimization, and audience engagement.
  • Outcome: Successfully monetized all Meta accounts, demonstrating substantial growth in followers and interactions across all channels.

Detailed Analysis

  • Varied trends with significant increases in page reach and post interactions across TLC channels.
  • Mixed results for Discovery channels with challenges in Hungary but improvements in Romanian engagements.
  • Notable success in video content engagement, particularly for TLC Romania.
  • Impressive follower growth on TLC Romania and Hungary accounts.
  • Strong performance in content interactions, especially with Discovery Romania's reel content.
  • Positive engagement growth across all accounts, demonstrating successful content optimization.
  • From zero to substantial growth: All accounts showed remarkable increases in followers and video views.
  • TLC Romania and Discovery Hungary experienced significant surges in engagement and profile views.
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of content strategies, particularly for the newly established Discovery Hungary account.

The Results

We achieved successful monetization across all platforms, meeting Meta’s requirements with organic growth and engagement, and paving the way for sustainable revenue generation.

Facebook Page 000 for TLC Romania
Instagram Followers 000 for Discovery Romania
TikTok Video Views 000 for Discovery Hungary

Achievements and Outcomes

  • Organic Growth: Transitioned from paid to organic strategies, overcoming initial declines to achieve sustainable audience engagement.
  • Monetization: Met and exceeded Facebook's monetization requirements through organic growth, enabling additional revenue streams.
  • TikTok Success: Established and grew new TikTok channels from scratch, particularly highlighting the success in Discovery Channel’s performance.